LegendScape Server Features


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Loot ViewerTeleport interface & w/ historyCustom ZulrahIronman, UIM Modes.
Skillcape PerksBank [x], all-but-oneAchievements with RewardsIronman specific shops
Custom Items/models (Ecumenical Key)Shift-click droppingFixed, Resizeable, or Fullscreen modesCustom, unique clue scroll system
~30 BossesExtensive loggingDiscord IntegrationDicing
Vote rewardsFULL Fletching + EnchantingFULL CraftingSmith all & [x]
Unique (toggleable) walking animationsMultiple modesTeam dungeoneeringDecanting
Boss slayer tasksConvenient skilling plotsJewelcrafting & enchantingRunespan
Slayer trackerBoss petsDrop logsHoliday Events
Bonus EXPQuick prayersWell of Good WillUnique skilling areas
Kill trackerCursesUnique PvMCustom Clanchat Color
Username highlightingReturning lost petsBoB healingRight-click summoning orb