Official Game Mode Information (Iron Man/Ultimate Iron Man)


Our game mode: the Regular mode, and then the Iron Man and Ultimate Iron Man modes.

The regular, or default mode was the way Necrotic was initially meant to be played.
In regular mode, you’re playing in a MMORPG environment.
You have the ability to trade other players, use shops, duel, and generally use all elements intended for players.
If you’re unsure of the Iron Man, or Ultimate Iron Man modes, we’d recommend starting here.

Iron Man
Iron Man includes access to the majority of the core content in Necrotic, with a big twist. You’re playing the game single-player, for the most part.
You cannot trade with other players, or access the majority of shops.
You cannot stake other players, either.
This twist will force players to fully experience everything Necrotic has to offer in order to thrive.
And, if you ever get tired of the Iron Man, you may convert into the Normal mode.

Ultimate Iron Man
Ultimate Iron Man mode is very similar to Iron Man mode, with another big twist.
Along with all of the challenges of Iron Man, you cannot bank.
Your only possessions will be the ones you can take with you, being your Backpack and Gear.
Your character files will NOT be deleted if you die, however you will lose your items.
This mode is the most difficult, and should you wish to change, you can turn into a regular Iron Man, or Normal character.