Skillcapes & Their Added Bonus

This guide is to show what I personally found out about each cape so far, If anyone else has information about the combat related skillcapes…

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Hiscores Re-released!

Our Hiscores have been re-released. These Hiscores can be filtered by Game mode, skill, etc.Hiscores will update as you play, about every 10 minutes or upon…

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How to Claim your vote points?

Click on the “View your points or claim your rewards” Step 1: Log into your account (in-game) Step 2: Type the command next to the…

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What’s the Member Rank?

::store http://acemanwolfrune.everythingrs.com/services/store The Member rank is a one-time payment that when redeemed will bind your account to Member status. This is not a subscription and…

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LegendScape Official Rules

The following rules have been created to make a safe environment for everyone. The following rules apply both to the game & forums – no…

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Player Commands | Member Commands | Item Commands | Contributor Commands

Well, It’s finally here! A full list of the player, contributor, and member commands.The commands are pretty simple. If you are a player, you can…

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LegendScape Server Features

↪ Server Features ↩ Loot Viewer Teleport interface & w/ history Custom Zulrah Ironman, UIM Modes. Skillcape Perks Bank [x], all-but-one Achievements with Rewards Ironman…

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A Beginners Guide to Old School Runescape

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LegendScape Official Forum

Want to play other game through our network? Join our community forum @ https://www.7thnetwork.com. Make an account and join the discussion of all the games…

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Welcome to LegendScape!

LegendScape is open beta. If you find any bugs or glitches please report it on our forum.

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