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Well, It’s finally here! A full list of the player, contributor, and member commands.
The commands are pretty simple. If you are a player, you can use the player commands. If you are a contributor, you can use the contributor commands and the player commands. If you are a member, you can use all of the commands on this list.
For now, these are the command available. Of course, in the future, more commands will be added in.

Player Commands

This command will opt you out of the automatic messages in the server.

::auth {redeem}
This command will give you the vote rewards for each of the sites you have voted on. Just replace the {auth} with your code!

::referral [player] {referred, refer, refferedby}
Sets the player who referred you, gives both players a reward!

This command will bring you right to this page!

::memberinfo {donorinfo}
Opens an explanation for all the benefits of being a member.

Opens an explanation for iron man, hardcore iron man modes, as well as normal mode.

::tid [the thread’s id] {thread, showthread}
This command is pretty tricky to use, but if you can master it, you will be able to open up all of the pages on the forums from inside the client itself

This command basically explains itself. It’s used to claim any kind of donation or reward you have pending.

Opens the donation page

Want to chat with other members using a headset kind of like skype? Use this command. It brings up our discord chat rooms where we have a room for almost anything!

This one definitely explains itself. Use this command to get to our forums via client.

Opens the rules page

Feeling a bit laggy? Save your account progress!

This command opens up our voting page, where you can vote for double exp and other rewards!

This command opens up our server wide highscores.

Teleports you to the Home area.

Teleports you to our shops

Teleports you to edgeville.

This will take you to the Grand Exchange Area, where people usually sell items!

Bored and just wanting to relax with some friends? Go Chill!

This will take you to the Gambling Area, where players can gamble their money against one another.

This command enables you to be able to ask any staff member for help. Whatever it may be.

Deletes all of the items in your inventory – *NOTE* This cannot be undone.

:: players
This command will show you who all is online, as well as their rank and some statistics.

::maxhit melee / ::maxhit range
This command will show your max hit with either melee or range./align]

Toggleable Ground Text

To do so you must open the console by pressing ` which is next to 1 and above tab and type “groundtext” in the console to change your setting.
This command will show the names for items that are on the ground./align]

This command will open the drop interface so you can search the drop tables of npcs.

::whatdrops “item name”
This command will tell you any and all npc’s that drop the specified item you searched for.

Member Commands

::yell [message]
This command allows you to talk to other members via global chat. Everyone will see it no matter where they are ingame.

::crystalchest {ckey, crystalkey, crystal}
This command allows you to use the crystal keys in your inventory, regardless of being near a chest.

::memberzone {mzone, donorzone, dzone}
Takes you to the Member Zone!

::setyelltitle [title]
This command allows you to have a custom title for your yells. To reset it, set the title to “null”, or “::setyelltitle “. The color is based off your rank, and currently allows up to 6 characters.

Item Commands

This command is unlocked by drinking a Potion of Flight.

This command is unlocked by opening a Coffin of the Damned.

Contributor Commands

This command opens up a list of codes for the command below.

::setyellhex [hexcode]
This command will allow you to change the color of your yell!

This command will show you your current yell hex.