Skillcapes & Their Added Bonus


This guide is to show what I personally found out about each cape so far, If anyone else has information about the combat related skillcapes and their effects do let me know or simply post them below! Keep in mind these bonus’ will only take effect when the cape is worn by the player(no hood is required). Also this guide is for untrimmed capes as the trimmed capes have a potential to do more considering they are a lot more costly in the in-game shops.

Advice: I recommend having Magic Secateurs & Inferno Adze. The Secateurs will enable you to get more herbs when harvesting from farming and the Adze will allow automatic burning of chopped wood(with a set chance) I’ll go more into detail as to why I recommend these items with the corresponding capes. The Magic Secatuers are 3.5k Stardust in the bank at “home tele” and the Inferno Adze can be bought for 5k Stardust or 1k Agility Tickets(use agility teleport by clicking on the skill in the skill tab).

Important Note: The Inferno Adze has no requirements to wield however will require you to have 61 woodcutting to use it to cut wood and no requirement to use it for firemaking. Ex. Bronze hatchet in inventory with Inferno Adze being wielded means Adze firemaking effect.

Mining: This cape allows the chance of gaining extra coal while mining the coal ore. The cape will also bank any and all gems mined up through ores or crashed star which makes the crashed star afkable to mine with the cape on. In combination with the Inferno Adze ores will smelt automatically with a set chance, however you still need the respected amount of coal to get the bars such as mithril or runite.

Fishing: This cape will allow the player to fish Hands Free! Although bait is required where needed such as fly fishing or rocktails etc. The rate at which you catch fish also feels slightly faster maybe by 10%?(however this is not confirmed yet).

Cooking: This cape allows the player to cook anything with a success of 100% no more burning things! You’re a master chef now! Go prove Gordan Ramsy wrong! All jokes aside, This cape as to be on the more useful side as you’ll never burn any Manta Rays or Rocktails ever again!

Woodcutting: This cape allows the player to extend the life of each tree you try to cut (even the evil tree). Bird nests feel a little more common with the cape on however I cannot prove a rate for it as it’s hard to test.

Firemaking: This cape allows the player to randomly “Recycle” or re-use a log that was supposed to have burned during the firemaking process(yes you still get exp). While using the Inferno Adze during the woodcutting process to gather wood to train fletching or firemaking etc. you have a chance to even recycle the log that the Adze would’ve burned from it’s effect!

Farming: This cape allows the player to farm noted items herbs, hops, vegetables all in notes! even some flowers(if they aren’t already stackable). The Magic Secateurs are wonderful in this scenario as more herbs means more money and experience!

Agility: This gives the player unlimited Stamina/energy/running capacity. Basically “Run Forest! Run!”

Thieving: This cape will convert any stolen goods to the market price in gold. King Midas would be proud of you!

Fletching: This cape allows the player to randomly finish an item. Ex. bows, arrows, bolts etc.

Runecrafting: This cape allows the “Recycling” of essence kind of like the Firemaking cape. This stacks with the already passive ability to craft extra runes through a high level of Runecrafting.

Smithing: This cape allows the player to sometimes not use coal for smelting of bars. Ex. Steel, Mithril etc.

Crafting: This cape allows the player to sometimes fully craft Gems into Amulets(ones made with wool not gold as gold made ones are called “Necklace”). They will come already enchanted. Ex. Sapphire being cut with sometimes yield “Amulet of Magic”. As well as onyx yields Amulet of Furies.

Hunter: This cape allows the player to catch double implings. No 2nd jar is required as the duplicate imp will be put into your inventory already jared and ready to open! This doubling DOES NOT work with other traps of any sort.

Dungeoneering: This cape allows the player to collect charms in their inventory without having to pick them up.(Thank you @shuttershadez for info)

Prayer: This cape will allow the effect of having a bonecrusher on hand at all times while worn. The bonecrusher is an item that allows the player to gain prayer exp from any dropped bones via monster killing. The bonecrusher will not use secondary dropped bones such as the curved bone etc. It is very useful to remember that you’ll be loosing exp per bone using this method as if you were to just bury them(by about half) and even more if you were to use them on an alter instead.(Thank you @shuttershadez for info.)

Defense: This cape will act as a Ring Of Life. Unknown if there is a cooldown for this effect. (Thank you @shuttershadez for info.)

Ranged: This cape is basically a Ava’s Accumulator! (Thank you @shuttershadez for info.)

Slayer: This cape allows the player to freely reset your current slayer task if you don’t like it without any drawbacks! Usually you’ll loose your task streak but this cape prevents this from happening! (Thank you @shuttershadez for info.)

Maxed Cape: This cape is a special one indeed boasting All Skillcape Effects!