What’s the Member Rank?


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The Member rank is a one-time payment that when redeemed will bind your account to Member status. This is not a subscription and only is paid once. Members will always get access to future Member content.

Member rank

Golden $ beside your name in-game.

Access to the ::yell command and access to setting your own colors!

You may enter Godwars Dungeon without having the required items (IE: No Mithril grapple.)

You may enter Godwars dungeon without having kill count.

Access to the exclusive Member zone.

Purchase convenience/cosmetic items for GP.

Better starting gear when doing Dungeoneering

Increased Prayer experience rate
Increased drop chance of Skilling pets.

x2 Bonecrusher XP.
Double chance of getting a Coffin of the Damned from Barrows.